About Us

Paul Barron Network is part of the Rever Networks media project for various content verticals led by award-winning journalist, author, and analyst Paul Barron. Our mission is to help our audience understand and embrace the future of technology that focuses on Crypto+Blockchain, Technology, and Investing. Our vision of the future is built on the basis of how technology and the future of blockchain will change more lives and create more wealth than any technology before it. This platform dives into executive insights, analysis, and education with leading experts and change agents defining our future. It's time you begin your journey to financial freedom through knowledge and education.

Content Creators

Paul Barron

Over 20 years in technology, media and business has created the perfect storm for what has become one of the fastest-growing technology, crypto, and investing platforms available. His mission started with helping Microsoft create the powerhouse developer community that has driven them to become a market leader. Not stopping there Barron was the chief engineer in a societal shift in retail and consumer science via a new data science platform. And today he strives to help others with life-changing strategies.

Lisa Pepe

Producer and blockchain researcher has spent two decades in media and content development. Her insights on the market innovators is what sets her apart from most researchers in the blockchain space. Her mission is to find the innovators and leaders that are changing the face of technology via blockchain and web3 applications.

Evan Aldo

Crypto and Digital Asset Analyst with years of experience in advanced trading tools. Evan focused on key trading signals via Market Cipher and his own analysis of major digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and more.