Paul Barron

Paul Barron started his career in Silicon Valley at Microsoft before moving into restaurant tech. In the early 2000s, he launched online media outlets, recognizing digital's potential. A podcasting pioneer since 2007, Barron developed and sold significant media properties, establishing himself as a media mogul.

Barron is a polymath - an accomplished author, filmmaker, and thought leader in technology and blockchain. He published written works, a documentary on Amazon Prime, and innovated through his venture PBN3, exploring cutting-edge tech and blockchain.

Within 3 years, The Paul Barron Network became a respected media outlet providing insights into sovereign finance and technology. Barron's journey showcases his ability to identify emerging trends and deliver innovative solutions across the evolving digital landscape.

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Over 20 years in media and technology

  • Developer and Technologist
  • Media Expert
  • Podcast and Video Presenter
  • Filmmaker
  • Author
  • Startup Expert