PBN is a next-gen media company that believes in the future of a permissionless landscape and a new breed of technology and digital money. Our thesis is simple: crypto is an evolution of technology that will change everything you know about money and society.

We are a different kind of journalist, one that takes a step into the unknown and is willing to put our skin in the game.

As investors, we hold positions in crypto assets. Having skin in the game gives integrity and weight to our content. We do the research, and we have conviction in our methods.

We also believe in transparency. You deserve to know the positions we hold. We announce our positions on the Youtube Channel often, including our portfolio reveals.

Individual disclosures
Includes material crypto holdings for all primary content contributors. A holding is considered material when it is:

  • A crypto asset that represents more than 5% of our portfolio
  • NFTs that exceed $5k in value
  • A private crypto angel or startup investment
  • An advisory engagement for any crypto project

We take sponsors and, in some cases, will be paid affiliate fees for inclusion in our media assets. As a media company, we cannot take responsibility for other companies to run their business in an upstanding way. You should always do your research before engaging with any of our sponsors. We will NEVER allow a sponsor without full disclosure in a statement or in writing.

The PBN Mantra

  1. Our Reputation is the paramount position we will ever hold.
  2. We don't front-run and will never take tokens as payment to incite potential pump-and-dump games.
  3. We do not use our community as exit liquidity; should we hold a position, we will do our best to announce our changes on the shows or in our emails.
  4. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is - and you should never take a position because we are. Our sharing journey is one for educational purposes only.

The future is decentralized, and the rest of the world will soon realize the evolution in value and money. As part of the PBN Family, we always believe in supporting each other and holding each other accountable.

The Future Is Now

- Paul Barron, CEO