Global Hybrid Event

This event will feature a run-up education program to the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, featuring some of the most innovative projects, companies, and executives driving the blockchain future.


Bitcoin Innovators

The people and companies bringing the king of digital money to a new level, this session will feature some of the biggest names in Bitcoin and dive into the real future of money.

Web3 Trailblazers

When it comes to Web3, the biggest question is application and utility; this track will deliver some of the best minds of Web3, Blockchain Gaming, and NFT 's. Web3 is set to reconstruct the way we do business. Understanding this growth stage is critical for investors, market leaders, and businesses preparing to meet the next generation of brand, money, and markets.

On-Location Member Only Event

As promised, PBN3 Members of the Diamond Circle, Crypto Power Index, and the Mastermind Group will gain access to a private event right before the Bitcoin 2023 kickoff in Miami. Get your tickets for one day early and make your way to a private gathering for a lifetime opportunity in networking and brainstorming your next crypto moves.

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