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Cryptocurrency Taxes Guide

Video Guide Length: 1 Hour 7min

In this video guide, we lead you through the complex tax preparation process to better your position to communicate effectively and accurately with your CPA or accountant.

This product includes:

[VIDEO] "Crypto Tax Guide with CPA" - 58min

[BONUS VIDEO] "How To Deal with NFTs & Metamask Transactions" - 9min

What you will learn:

  1. What things should an individual or LLC prepare for when filing taxes this year with Crypto gains or losses?
  2. Should I consider using an LLC for Crypto Investing?
  3. Can an individual or LLC buy crypto as an investment with earnings and not pay taxes on that investment until a gain is realized?
  4. How do you report a loan where crypto assets are used as collateral?
  5. Can you deduct the interest on loans on crypto assets?
  6. How do you report crypto gains - what is acceptable to the CPA / IRS - statements, trades records?
  7. What things can I do to avoid a red flag by the IRS
  8. How can I get my crypto trades into CryptoTrader.tax if there is no auto connection to the exchange?
  9. How do you report trades if I am trading on a dex or a swap?
  10. How should I treat NFT's and digital assets if I have not sold them?
  11. How should I report my P2E income for my crypto gaming - is there an interface to something like Axie
  12. Can I report a loss on an NFT or In-Game asset if the value has gone down and I sold it at a loss?
  13. I have invested in a Crypto project. Can I take this as an investment, just like investing in a business startup?
  14. How do I treat it if I lost or made money in a Crypto project?

 The Bonus Video will address the tools you might consider for importing your MetaMask Wallet and others to track all of your off-exchange transactions. Additionally, we look at a tool for monitoring your NFT's and how to address these on valuation for your tax position.

Please be advised that this is not Tax Advice. Every individual has a unique set of circumstances and should always consult a professional tax advisor to match your specific needs.