$99.00 USD

2023 Crypto Tax Guide

In this video guide, we lead you through the complex tax preparation process to better your position to communicate effectively and accurately with your CPA or accountant and set your crypto and entrepreneurial business up for success.

This product includes:

Video 1

  • Establish your portfolio strategy
  • How do you make your income?
  • Buy blue chips and hold
  • Bot trading preparation
  • Defi
  • Alternative Investments
  • NFTs

 Video 2

  • How to manage NFT compliance
  • Your Investment map and how to measure your portfolio
  • Tax Harvesting and how it works
  • Self Custody is it right for you
  • Self-custody has many advantages and disadvantages. With power comes responsibility
  • Tax Prep I should be doing now
  • Future-proofing my tax bill
  • Security and Estate Planning Preparation