The Insiders Guide to the Best Performing Crypto Projects

What is the Crypto Power Index?

Understanding consumer data science is key to identifying emerging blockchain projects and retail investor trends. At PBN, we've spent years in the development of our machine learning neural net technology platform that assists us in identifying trends and consumer behavior that creates unmatched insights based on sentiment and amplification analytics.

Our advanced data credential model tracks tens of millions of blockchain and cryptocurrency digital engagements across an array of social media APIs to create a unique measuring tool that will rev up your insights and understanding of the future of blockchain projects worldwide.

How It Works

Key Features

Altcoin  Ranking

Get insights on the leading projects that are trending in sentiment to make your crypto research a breeze.

Metaverse / Gaming Ranking

Superior research analysis and sentiment data on trending metaverse projects.

Historical Sentiment Tracking

A twelve-date interval report that is updated 3X weekly for the top crypto, metaverse, and gaming projects we are watching.

CPI Dashboard

The CPI Dashboard features historical and current sentiment analysis for key blockchain sectors to provide insights into the market. Analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, DeFi, Metaverse, and Play-and-Earn Gaming projects based on the current overall market sentiment data.

Crypto Rankings 

AI Sentiment Rankings feature our latest insights on the top projects in crypto. We dive into the analytics and insights to assist you in your crypto research.

Technical Analysis

Featuring top performing crypto projects based on sentiment and amplification data revealing historical performance and trajectory targets.

Video Analysis

Video analysis from our lead analyst detailing project growth and key attributes related to our CPI Sentiment and Amplification scores for a variety of blockchain projects.





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