Supremacy Interview | Watch & Play To Earn NFT Game

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Game Studio Ninja Syndicate presents Supremacy, a series of metaverse enabled games consisting of three different game platforms that stimulate other parts of that metaverse: Action, Economy, Entertainment, and Utility. The Enrichment Centre is a Play-To-Earn mobile game, Syndicate Headquarters is an economic simulation online game, and the Battle Arena allows for Watch-To-Win online game experience. Supremacy is powered by the XSYN Network (XSYN). The Syndicate Token ($SUPS) is a utility token based on the BEP-20 protocol on the Binance Smartchain network.

~This episode is sponsored by Supremacy~
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Guests: Alex Dunmow - CEO of Ninja Syndicate
John Nguyen - Chief Technology Officer of Ninja Syndicate

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