Helium + T-Mobile Launch 5G Mobile Service on Solana! | Helium CEO interview

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Blockchain-powered wireless network Helium (HNT) and T-Mobile have partnered to launch Helium Mobile, a 5G wireless service for smartphones. It will use Helium’s decentralized, crypto-powered 5G network as well as T-Mobile’s network, and switch between the two as needed.Helium is also voting to migrate to Solana (SOL) blockchain in a new proposal published on August 30. The proposal seeks to make three major changes: Move Proof of Coverage (PoC) to Oracles, Move Data Transfer Accounting to Oracles, Migrate the Helium network and all its tokens to the Solana blockchain.

Guest: Guest: Amir Haleem - Founder and CEO of Helium
Helium website ➜ https://bit.ly/Helium5G

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