How it Works

Understanding consumer data science is the key element for determining any market trend. The Crypto Power Index is a deep insight technology that identifies trends and consumer behavior that creates an unmatched analysis of sentiment and amplification trends. We have been building this science for over a decade, targeting a variety of business and investment sectors. Using this science, we have created a data credential model that now tracks tens of millions of blockchain and cryptocurrency NLP aspects across an array of social media API’s. The Crypto Power Index, is the largest and most comprehensive index of investment data, behaviors, and sentiment analysis measurements in the industry.

How Sentiment Works

Sentiment Analysis is the process of determining whether a piece of information is positive, negative, or neutral. We dive deep into natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to assign weighted sentiment scores to the entities, topics, narratives, and interests based on specific assets, entities, or terms. This can provide a short-term direction of trends on any given subject matter, providing there is a sufficient data sample to analyze.

How Amplification Is Measured

Everyone has asked the question: "where are the real trends" where are the real pockets of influence? The reality with most analyses with standard desktop and online tools doesn't really provide actionable data. Often, they only have fragments of information from a few people giving false signals. That's where Amplification comes in! We analyze the layers of influence that are weighted and based on the network effect (Metcalfe’s Law) that measures the likelihood of an asset, entity, or term to gain traction based on the intent of others and the viral effect of thought leader's influence on the markets. Amplification can give an early indicator of things to come.

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